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The media portion of WD TV is designed to be a hub for all things positive. Check out videos that are designed to inspire and videos for everyone with hopes to provide a positive view of our world.

Willie Diggs TV




A talk show that focuses on the issues that effect teenagers and their families. Live Out Loud is an interactive talk show that focuses on the needs of students. With having very few healthy Christian TV shows for teens, The Live Out Loud talk show is going to be a ground breaking show. WD TV first phase on our web network is a talk show where students can get their life questions answered and provide a platform to showcase the talents, and gifts of students. It will be educational along with being very funny for both teens and their families.

Broadcast Video Camera

If you ever wanted to hear an encouraging, uplifting word, then PodcastUniversity, is for you. This is a short audio version of sermons, small talks, or workshops from Willie, Shataun, and other special guests. These are great to listen to while working out, studying topics, or for small groups. On PodcastUniversity we tend to flow through three veins which are academics, professionalism, and spirituality.


Willie and Shataun often share golden nuggets during these podcasts so taking notes would not be a bad idea. These podcasts have been known to be used as family bible studies, small group conversations, or training for team members. Feel free to listen and share this information with your friends. Some topics may come with a workbook, so please stop by our store to see.

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