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Wilie Diggs welcomes the opportunity to keynote or facilitate your event
Please complete the below request for participation of
your upcoming event. The more information provided the better. 


How will this event be advertised?




Travel arrangements and hotel accommodations are to be secured by requesting organizations for events requiring more than 100 miles of travel from Huntsville, Alabama.  


For travel more than 100 miles, a vehicle rental may be required to ensure prompt arrival. Alternatively, organizations may offer mileage reimbursement at a rate of $0.55 per mile to be included with honorarium. 

THE HOTEL (for events > 100 miles or scheduled for early morning events)

Unless otherwise specified, Organizations are asked to reserve one non-smoking room with two (2) Queen Beds at a Four (4) Star Hilton Brand Hotel (preferably Hampton, Embassy, Hilton Garden, or equivalent where available) for arrival on the day prior to the event.   If travel is more than 100 miles from Huntsville, AL, or where the event begins in the early morning to ensure prompt arrival for the event.


Once all arrangements and accommodations have been secured, please forward the confirmed details (with reservation and confirmation numbers)  to


Willie Diggs Enterprises never makes a decision to participate in an event based on the financial commitment of any ministry/organization. He prays and seeks the face of the Lord regarding each invitation.

Willie believes that those who call on him will bless his ministry/organization.  During your consultation, we will discuss your resource availability and come to an agreement that fits the needs of both parties.

If a Love Offering is taken up, in addition to or in lieu of the honorarium for his time of ministry, please list the minimum love-offering gift to be presented. 

All checks should be made to Willie Diggs, LLC.


To ensure that Willie Diggs is able to provide the best service possible, he asks that the following items be made available to him: 

•    A Cordless/Handheld Microphone

•    A Quiet Room or Space for prayer/meditation prior to the event. (made available at least one hour prior to speaking)
•    Room-temp Bottled Water for before and during the event
•    An Advance Copy and or Sample of the Program at least 72 hours prior to the event
•    A Copy of the Flyer/Graphic/Announcement for dissemination to my constituency.



In submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the booking terms as outlined above.  You acknowledge that this agreement does not constitute a contract for performance of services nor does it guarantee acceptance of participation.   If accepted, Willie Diggs Enterprises will send notice in writing at which time, you agree to forward to us the following information to finalize the agreement. 

  • The booking contract (if applicable) with the agreed-upon terms for signing (within 72 hours of acceptance)

  • Travel Arrangements & Reservation Confirmations (no later than two weeks from the date of the event)

  • FInal Details of the Event no later than (3) days prior to the event in the form of a formal itinerary or event program. 


You further acknowledge that failure to provide the booking contract and travel arrangements as outlined will render any and all verbal and written agreements null and void and Willie Diggs Enteprises, LLC, its executors, heirs, representatives, assigns, legal representatives, and administrators, will be acquitted, released and forever discharged from any obligations, liabilities, claims, and damages that may arise. 

Success! Your requested has been submitted. A member of my team will be in contact soon.

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