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Professional Mentoring

For young professionals and new business owners who are wanting to be more than your average degree holder and CEO. This service provides basic tools that are needed to advance you to your next level in your organization. Professionals are trained in a focused environment on social etiquette, 501c3 start-up, continued education, goal setting, academic excellence, and professionalism. 

Workshop, Marketplace and Conference Speaking

Want a dynamic speaker who will challenge your organization? Willie is known for engaging individuals in a life dialogue of discovering who they are created to be. Book Willie for your next event.


Spiritual Life Coaching

When growing in Christ, sometimes individuals need accountability partners. When participating in spiritual life coaching, we discuss basic biblical principles and how to apply the information to our everyday life. Reviewing topics on prayer, parenting, fatherhood, job seeking, interview skills, life goals, and leadership through small talk makes participating in this type of coaching success. Taking the gospel to the marketplace has to be strategic and without compromise, spiritual life coaching helps individuals with growing both professionally and spiritually.



Founded in 2011, The Focus on the Future Mentor Program was established as an initial program of Come Thirsty Ministries, Inc. Founded by Willie and Shataun Diggs, the program was designed to assist with building up the character of young men in their community. After serving as the lead in a suspension intervention program, Founder Diggs began to research the needs of developing the program and found that throughout the city there were no programs that supported the average student that did not have a behavior problem, that had moderate to high grades and fatherless young males. 


The idea became a reality after having a conversation with his son one day about focusing on his future. With his social work experience, Founder Diggs began to interview and speak with students across the city. He found out that both students with behaviors and students that did very well in school had questions and concerns about their future. The students expressed that they needed help with developing life goals and higher education plans. Many students reported that they only got in trouble or did not excel in academics because it was not cool to be smart. This disturbed Founder Diggs and the mentor program was launched. The core values of Academics, Professionalism, and Spirituality became the basis of their small talks and workshops. In November 2013 the Focus on the Future Mentor Program launched its middle school edition at Davis Hill Middle School. The motto, “Mentoring new leaders to build our communities”, continues to be the premise of the program’s design. Students are engaged in intellectual growth, social etiquette training, and community service.


 All students must complete the below application for admission into the program.



Come Thirsty Ministries, Inc. has recently launched our God’s Girls Rock Program in the beautiful city of Huntsville, AL. Our vision for this program is to provide a holistic approach to addressing the needs of young girls and to provide them with the tools to be whom God created them to be. As you may know, the needs of young ladies are growing rapidly in our city. In an effort to assist young ladies with being whom God has called them to be, this program was developed. Directed by Shataun Diggs our program consists of workshops and mentoring sessions that are tailored just for girls. Our workshop topics include self-esteem, etiquette, professional development, college preparation, and spirituality to name a few. The Mission of God’s Girls Rock program is to Teach, Inspire, and Prepare, young girls to be successful in all areas of their life.  

For more information on this program or if you would like to connect your student please contact Shataun Diggs at 256-328-3256 or email

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