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Mid Day Motivation with Kwesi Jackson

Teacher and Coach Kwesi Jackson dropped by #IAM to talk about the value of COMMUNITY SERVICE. Check it out and drop your thoughts below!

About Mr. Kwesi Jackson:

Kwesi Jackson,I is a native of Rome, Georgia. He is an author, educator, mentor, motivational speaker, minister, and musician. In 2017, after seeing how media kept people apart, he decided to post a single motivational video everyday for 365 days. Along with the video posts, Kwesi began going Live on Facebook, Monday through Friday, to go talk more about the motivational posts. He saw that his regular posts change his own ideas and thoughts, which ultimately grew his children's grades as well as the level of peace and and unity in his family.

Kwesi's goals are to serve mankind through education, mentoring, motivational speaking, ministering, music, and writing.

Fore more about Kwesi, visit

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